Configurable to Your Needs

Your business is unique to you. No one knows that better than Xerox Mortgage Services. Having served the industry for more than a decade, we’ve worked with thousands of lenders and understand that each company’s loan workflow and requirements vary greatly. That is why BlitzDocs®, which is delivered as a cloud-based mortgage technology system, is flexible enough to configure to your needs. Core to the award-winning solution is its electronic loan folder (eFolder™) that mirrors a traditional loan folder – increasing collaboration and accelerating the loan process while reducing paper costs and eliminating shipping fees. The solution’s custom configuration includes but is not limited to:

  • Multi-tier security settings so users only see what they should see, when they should see it.
  • Brandable solutions so your company’s identity is front and center – be it for internal employees, external partners or borrowers.
  • Variable cost model so you only pay for what you need, maximizing your company’s technology investment.
  • An open system so you can work with your industry partners of choice, enabling a true best-of-breed mortgage solution.

Works from Beginning to End

Despite what those outside the industry may think, the mortgage process is intricate, complex and has many, many hand-offs. Therefore, a solution is needed to connect the disparate parties in a way that streamlines the workflow, eliminates the “he said, she said” game and provides overall transparency. That is where BlitzDocs comes in. From origination and underwriting, to post-closing and investor delivery, to servicing, BlitzDocs provides:

  • Flexibility to manage and collaborate on paper, paper-sourced images, native electronic documents and data.
  • Advanced workflow that helps you get to closing faster.
  • Detailed audit trails that track who views, edits and adds documents throughout the entire lifecycle.

XMS Network Diagram