It’s no secret that printers can use a variety of materials for printing any stuff, from paper to plastic, but if you use different paper textures and weights, then there are many chances of getting affected printer results. But what about construction paper? Can you put it in a printer and expect it to work? So Team Xerox-Xms will answer you in this KGR post, whereas if you have no time to read, then in short, the answer is, The Type of printer and paper material style depends upon using any construction paper in a home printer.

So people who are interested in doing beautiful invitations for their friends, some crafting with their children, or any other partner doesn’t wanna use regular paper, so we recommend you use construction paper for that purpose. But many of you guys were looking for a way to print out construction paper without having to go through the hassle of printing it out on your own? Or don’t know about how to put it in the printer, so no worries; we have written the top five factors below that you need to consider before you start putting any construction paper or other stuff to get print:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Drying time
  • Type of printer

Some Primary Factors

  • Construction paper size (Must trim)
  • Cardstock setting

Printing on Construction PaperSome Considerations

Things To Consider Before Start Printing On Construction Paper

Before printing on construction paper, consider the following factors:

  1. Material
  2. Size
  3. Weight or thickness
  4. Drying time
  5. Style of printer


If we compare it with standard printer paper, then we come to know that the construction paper contains a rough texture and is a little heavier because it consists of wood pulp and it measures 9 inches by 12 inches so for standard printers, the construction paper is larger to use, so that is why it is not as the printer paper.

For proper print, it always depends upon the style and type of any construction paper, like maybe you have a construction paper of any brand which is thicker and will not move throughout the printer due to having a thick texture which will make it hard to move throughout the roller or it may leave fine paper fibers (behind).


Size is also an important factor to consider before you put your construction paper in the printer. If we compare construction paper with any regular printer paper, then we come to know that it has a large size, and for regular printers, the construction paper will be stuck inside due to the large paper size, so trimming is necessary before use.

Construction paper size: 9×12 inches

The size we need before the use of any construction paper: is 8.5×11 paper

Note: It also depends upon your printer because some printers allow oversized paper (option), but this feature is not great because longer and broader pages will increase the burden on your pocket, whereas printers having oversized paper option are not much beneficial and economical for people who are going to use them in the classroom, home, etc.

Best Construction Paper With Standard Paper Dimensions: Astrobrights Color Paper

Astrobrights Color Construction Paper

This Astrobrights color paper is perfect for creating stunning visuals in your science journal, project notebook, or anywhere else you need a splash of color and are construction-like paper. The Astrobrights color paper has the right size and thickness so that you can use them for all printers.

Astrobrights Color Paper Specifications:

  • Paper Weight: 24 lb weight
  • Paper Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″ (Standard Paper Dimensions)

Note: The Astrobrights Color Paper is not traditional construction paper, but, as construction paper needs trimming so, most people find it difficult to trim so, you can use Astrobrights paper which doesn’t need trimming and not only these are also bright and printable.

Weight or Thickness

There are a variety of construction paper that comes in various thicknesses on the market, so it is important to know the construction paper thickness before buying; wheres if you have already purchased, then examine your construction paper thickness before putting it into your regular printer because some printers cannot handle paper having more than the exact thickness and weight.

Heavyweight Paper

The Heavyweight paper option is mostly seen on any laser and inkjet printer. Also called:

  • Cardstock Setting
  • Heavy Setting

To use your already purchased construction paper, you have to examine your printer paper settings and features like cardstock settings, etc, to adjust your construction paper.

Inkjet Printers: These types of printers can accommodate many types of products

Laser Printers: Laser Printers can also accommodate many types of products, but not like Inkjet Printers.

Construction Paper Thickness:

Did you want lightweight construction paper? Check out Prang (Formerly Art Street) Construction Paper which is great and has a low heavyweight.

Construction paper is available in different weights to suit different needs. 

Example: Crayola Construction Paper

Crayola Construction Paper is a fun and colorful paper that can be used for a variety of crafting projects, and it is 0.00665″ thick (+/- 0.0002″), which means it is lightweight construction paper. 

Note: All construction papers under 0.007″ weight are lightweight construction papers.

The Way to gauge construction paper traditionally:

The Standard Printer Paper: 20-32 lb (90-100 gms)

The Construction Paper: 90-110 lb (180-260 gsm)

What is the meaning of GSM?

The GSM is a unit of measurement, and GSM Stands for Grams per square meter.

Drying Time

Construction paper drying time is important to consider when planning a construction project. Always remember the fact that your construction paper will take time to dry after print. If we talk about traditional printer paper, then we come to know that in these paper types, the ink remains wet after printing.

Printer Style

Properly using any construction paper depends upon your printer type and style to get the best results. Some printer allows using construction paper, and some not, so always check your printer style first.

Most Using At-home Printer Types Are:

  • Inkjets
  • Laser models

Inkjet printers are great for printing large documents and can easily handle many paper materials, including lightweight construction paper. But before putting construction paper on any inkjet printer, you have to follow these facts.

Paper Adjustments: Always trim construction paper to make a perfect size before putting it into your printer to get the best possible printing results.

Laser printers: Laser printers utilize laser technology to print text, graphics, and images on a variety of media and can handle large volumes of text printing. Many Laser printers do not allow the Paper thickness adjustment feature for other materials like cardstock or construction paper because these items can damage your printer’s internal components and also can cause paper jams.

In A Nutshell - Can You Put Construction Paper In Printer

Copier machines are designed to handle paper that is made specifically for them, and construction paper is not typically one of those types of paper. Construction paper is made with a certain type of material that can clog up the machine, and it’s not typically sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of copying and in size, it could be better for printing machines. This can lead to problems like pieces of paper breaking off and getting stuck in the machine, which can cause it to malfunction. So overall, you have to consider these factors before using any construction paper on your printer, and then both material and printer will remain perfect, and you successfully print what you want without damage.

Always consult with your printer before starting a project so that you are sure to get the best results!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use construction paper in an inkjet printer?

Construction paper can be used in an inkjet printer to create prints with patterns, colors, and fun crafts. The construction paper should first be cut for a proper paper size that will fit inside the printer’s feeder. Then you have to set your printer settings called Printing Heavyweight paper settings.

What happens if I put construction paper in my printer?

Construction paper is a common culprit causing printer problems. Construction paper can clog up the printheads and cause them to jam. Additionally, construction paper can also cause the printhead to heat up and overheat, potentially leading to a fire. If you’re having printing problems and you suspect construction paper as the culprit, try removing the paper one page at a time and see if that resolves the issue. If not, your printer may need to be replaced.

Is construction paper soft or hard?

Construction paper is made out of several different types of paper, which make it soft, hard, rough, and brightly colored. The construction paper is excellent for 3d crafts, kids for showing creativity, pop-up cards, etc, and is best used for projects that don’t require precision measurements or drawings.

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